Come and join us for code_aster & salome_meca training!

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As part of the WP2 deliverables, we are arranging the code_aster & salome_meca training – Part 1. We have 11 participants registered so far, which is a good number to be able to deliver a good quality training session.

Expression of interest for the attendance to basic training of code_aster and salome_meca as part of the METIS H2020 project. This will be held over two days online, with 40% of lectures and 60% of practical sessions. This will be followed by a one-day training targeted to the METIS project.


Day one will consist of general introduction and linear analysis. Day two will focus on specific areas of interest based on preferences.

Please note you have until this Friday 17th September to register by completing this form.

Please contact if you are unable to register or for any question’.