METIS tools

The following opensource tools are used in the METIS project.






METIS dashboard

METIS dashboard allows exploring output of METIS case PSHA in an interactive and pedagogic way. The user can visualize, download and explore hazard curves, disaggregation results, Uniform Hazard Spectra, Conditional Spectra and perform seismic record selection from a synthetic database. The PSHA output is computed with openquake, and used the new openquake features for Conditional Spectra developed in METIS.

METIS case study includes PSHA, site response, fragility and risk assessment and provides a comprehensive framework to assess the benefit and industrial feasibility of new and improved approaches developed in the project.

OpenMETIS gitlab repository

The openMETIS gitlab repository is an online space where codes are shared and can be used. Please find new codes that are shared on the openMETIS gitlab repository.

PyPSHATest – A NEW TOOLKIT FOR PROBALISTIC SEISMIC HAZARD MODEL TO DATA COMPARISON is the first code available. The PyPSHATest can be discovered on the openMETIS gitlab repository. now!

To facilitate the analysis of the quantitative comparisons of probabilistic seismic hazard analysis that can exploit current observations, new tools are required. To explore how hazard models and their components compare to observed data, a new open-source Python toolkit PyPSHATest has been developed within METIS.

Other codes are to come soon.

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