seismic risk assessment
for nuclear safety

METIS is a Horizon 2020 project whose mission is to develop and improve tools and methodologies employed in seismic safety assessments of nuclear reactors and translate this research into practice for industry use. The project will also develop common guidelines to facilitate periodic safety reviews, promote good practices under the Nuclear Safety Directive and enable risk-informed decision-making, and as a result, directly contribute to the safety and competitiveness of the European nuclear industry.

latest news
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03 Nov: Second METIS project newsletter

With this newsletter we invite you to learn more about the project’s latest developments and the partners’ achievements. Please check our recent advances to improve the seismic risk assessment analysis chain, from hazard and ground motion to site response, fragility, and risk quantification.

Plenary meeting
18 Jul: METIS plenary meeting in Athens Greece

The 3rd METIS plenary meeting took place from June 6th – 7th in Athens, Greece, hosted by partner NTUA. The first day of the meeting, the WP leaders presented their updates and milestones while the second day was dedicated to working meetings and technical focus sessions on site response analysis, aftershocks in PRA and METIS case study.

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