About the project

improving seismic risk assessment tools and methodologies for nuclear safety

Launched in September 2020, METIS is a 48 month long Horizon 2020 project funded under the Euratom research and training programme that brings together 16 partners from 9 different countries. Coordinated by Dr. Irmela Zentner, expert research engineer at EDF, METIS focuses on the three facets of seismic risk assessment of nuclear reactors—hazard, fragility and consequence—to improve the Probabilistic Safety Assessment methodology and develop tools for the more accurate evaluation of nuclear power plant resilience under different seismic conditions.

The project will develop guidelines for seismic safety assessment in line with international consensus and directly translate results into engineering practice.

Based on the most recent scientific advances in earthquake engineering and data science, the project will develop open source tools to meet industrial needs.

METIS will promote good practices for conducting seismic safety assessments and help optimise the use of existing and future reactors at the EU level.

Opensource tools

The following opensource tools are used in the METIS project.

PSHA code

General purpose FEM code available with salome-meca platform

Simulation platform including pre and post processing (geometry, mesh, analyses, visualisation, etc.)

FEM tool dedicated to earthquake engineering

PSA code