Objectives & Impacts

meeting project goals and maximising overall impact

The following objectives have been established to ensure that the project meets its main goal of improving the methods and tools used in the seismic safety assessment of nuclear power plants (NPP) and of translating and implementing this research into nuclear engineering practice.

Develop open source tools for seismic hazard, fragility and risk assessment for greater transparency, collaboration and quality in the nuclear industry.

Use databases, numerical simulations and machine learning to improve the performance of current models, and consequently, plant safety analyses.

Evaluate uncertainty at each step as well as its impact on the final result in order to accurately measure risk and possible consequences.

Disseminate knowledge and best practices regarding the seismic safety assessment of nuclear reactors across the nuclear community.

expected impacts
Increased knowledge and understanding of possible changes in operating conditions under seismic hazard.
Improved seismic risk assessment tools reducing potential consequences of highly unlikely seismic events.
Integration of results for improving emergency responses and overall safety into existing guidelines.
A new set of guidelines and tools to help operators demonstrate plant safety under severe event conditions.
Reinforced severe accident management strategies for Generation II and III nuclear reactors.
European expertise in seismic hazard and risk assessment resulting in greater industrial competitiveness.
Input provided by the project will ensure a more coherent, consistent and stable European regulatory framework.
A new generation of nuclear engineers with training and expertise in earthquake engineering.
Reduction of CO2 emissions and prevention of harmful accidents due to the increased safety of existing reactors.
Increased public confidence in the safety of European reactors and greater acceptance of nuclear power.
A lowered barrier of entry for aspiring researchers because of newly developed and accessible open source tools.
Considerable innovation in European practice and knowledge brought about by project results.
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Project results will be uploaded to the website as they become available to the public.