METIS in Ljubljana, Slovenia


The METIS project met in Ljubljana Slovenia 5-7 June for the plenary meeting and an on-site workshop!

The METIS plenary took place over two days in Ljubljana hosted by Matjaz Dolsek (University of Ljubljana), attended by the METIS Consortium and three members from the EAB onsite: John Richards (EPRI, USA), Abhinav Gupta (NCSU CNEFS, USA), Tadeusz Szczesiak (ENSI, Switzerland)

The plenary meeting heard the progress from Work Packages and an overall project presentation from the coordinator as well as three technical sessions:

1) Record selection and site response; 

2) SSCs (Structures, Systems and Components) response;

3) PRA methods and tools.

Additionally, there was an EAB meeting as well as feedback to the METIS Consortium and recommendations for final year of project. Some key takeaways from the project include:

  • Coordinating the last steps related to the implementation of METIS case study as we journey into the final year of the project.
  • The planning of final symposium in Paris-Saclay on 21-23 May 2025 and the Summer School in Greece on 28-30 April 2025.

Partners enjoyed a social dinner with excellent Slovenian food and a relaxed atmosphere in Ljubljana where discussions surrounding the progress of the project were continued, thanks to the hosting partner Matjaz Dolsek and University of Ljubljana.

For the third day, the METIS project attended a workshop at the NPP attended by METIS Consortium partners, NPP representatives (two participants from SNSA, one from GEN, three from NEK, and four from the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy). A significant highlight of the site visit was control room simulator as well as being able to exchange on METIS developments and current practices with presentations from METIS and NPP engineering representatives (Irmela Zentner, Shadi Fathabadi, Marco Pagani, Matjaz Dolsek, Daniel Celarek).