Key deliverable achieved in WP2 – End users survey!

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an Office

We are pleased to announce that WP2 has achieved a deliverable relating to the end users survey results. The survey was answered by 17 respondents, participants included project members, and the 12 members (including 8 companies) of the end users group. The variety of participants covered future users of the outputs of the METIS project, both in terms of organisation type and size, and area of expertise.

These respondents presented the workflow, the methodologies and software they use when performing a seismic PSA and giving feedback on possible improvements on current tools. They also presented their expectations regarding future tools.

Key points raised was the end users group wanted software that is well validated, with clear documentation and have strong support for maintenance. It would be beneficial to them if they are able to interface it easily with existing tools and calculation chains. Source code availability would also be appreciated as well as some additional features for concurrent developments.

Another key aspect was the strong expectations of the training, about generic SPSA methodology and specific steps of SPSA, in order to help training more experienced professionals in seismic PSA; aware of the current state of the art.