METIS plenary meeting in Bergamo


METIS met in Bergamo over two days on 16-17 November for its fifth plenary meeting.  The Plenary Meeting was an opportunity for METIS partners to gather and exchange on the project’s progress, key learnings and updates, and share inspiration.

On day one, after a welcome by Marco Pagani (GEM) and an update on the overall project progress from the project coordinator Irmela Zentner (EDF), the WPs presented their recent advances.

Day two was dedicated to 3 technical focus sessions on 1) METIS case study applications, 2) site response, SSI and associated record selection strategies and 3) Uncertainty propagation for SSCs response and fragility and possible ways to account for aftershocks in seismic risk analyses.

Over the two days, the consortium exchanged with members of the External and Internal Advisory Board and colleagues from the End Users Group.

The Plenary was preceded by a PSHA Workshop on 14-15 November hosted by METIS partner GEM with Marco Pagani. To learn more about the workshop, click here.